We will have three candidates for local public office speaking at our final September meeting of the year this Tuesday, the 22nd. 

1.) Benjamin Arnold, who ran for Shreveport City Council in the last cycle, is

running for the District 10 Caddo Parish Commission seat formerly held by David

Cox, who is term limited (...after the Commission's unsuccessful attempt a few

years ago to extend term "limits" from 12 to 20 years.)

2.) Mario Chavez is also running for David Cox's old District 10 Caddo Commission seat.

3.) Dhu Thompson, who is currently serving as a prosecutor in the Caddo

Parish DA's office, is running for the big seat to be Caddo Parish's district


More information about these candidates and their campaigns can be found at the following links:

Benjamin Arnold [1] [2], Mario Chavez [1] [2], Dhu Thompson [1] [2]

Our meeting will be at our usual location on 1258 Dalzell St. in Shreveport, 71103 and will start at 6:00 PM with meet and greet at 5:30.  We'll be having a potluck dinner again, so bring your favorite dish or snack/refreshment to share with the group if you are willing and able.

Constitution Class

Cover it with Prayer!

​Pray for our Nation.
Pray for the Supreme Court Justices.
Pray for our Troops
​serving overseas and at
Pray for our Senators and Representatives in
Pray for our President.
Pray for your local City,
Parish and School Board
Pray for our Police and
​Fire employees.
Pray for our Pastors.

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If you have questions or want to volunteer, please send an 
email to wethepeople_nwla@att.net

The Red River Tea Party constitution classes were held last year on the fourth Thursday of every month.  The classes were on hiatus for several months during the Red River TEA Party transition period merging into We The People.  Given that a We The People meeting is normally held on 4th Tuesday, and the first attempt at relaunching the classes in 2015 was very sparsely attended, the organizer of the class is needing to re-evaluate interest in the continuation of this class and whether there might be a better day to meet on and possibly a better venue that is more to people's liking.  The classes were held last year in the fellowship hall of The Clarion Church (9000 E. Kings Highway, Shreveport 71115), which is the former LSUS University Worship Center.  The Clarion Church is renting the building, so they only have a small yard sign identifying their church which is placed below the original unaltered sign for University Worship Center.  The building can be found by traveling south on E. Kings Highway, past the LSUS ball fields and Orleans Square Apartments on the west side of the street.  It will be the white church building on the right.  Parking is in the back, and the driveway in is a small one next to the mailbox.  The Clarion Church shares parking with the Montessori School who rarely have events after normal business hours that would require continued use of the parking area.

Our classes have been based on the lectures of Hillsdale College's Constitution 101 series, which were first conducted by Hillsdale in 2012 as a public service and made available free of charge to all who registered at that time.  The course remains posted on YouTube, so if a class is missed, it's not difficult to view the session on your computer at home before coming to the next class.  What makes Hillsdale's Constitution 101 course unique is that they have a very affordable textbook that goes along with it - The U.S. Constitution: A Reader.  The book is composed of original documents and writings by our founding fathers, both in favor of and against the original U.S. Constitution so that an informed and balanced view of the range of opinions and issues discussed during the time leading up to and after the adoption of our founding documents can be seen.  Print copies of the textbook are still available on Hilldale's website for $30 + shipping, but the complete contents of the book can also be viewed free of charge.  Most of the documents should be easy to find elsewhere on the internet, as well.  See the following links for more information:

Main site for textbook - http://www.constitutionreader.com/
[click "Buy the Print Version" ribbon to buy a hard copy from Hillsdale's store]
[click "Launch The Reader" (red) button to read any part of the book online free of charge]

Course Readings (syllabus) - http://online.hillsdale.edu/document.doc?id=208
(The last session shown in 2014 was the Week 4 session, so the next class would feature the Week 5 session.)

If you are interesting in attending a monthly constitution class this year, please email us at wethepeople_nwla@att.net with the subject line "constitution class", and if there's sufficient interest, we'll poll the group to find the best day of the month to meet.

We The People of NW Louisiana are a proud member organization in the

Arnold, Chavez and Thompson

at next meeting - Sept. 22