2nd February Meeting with J. W. Bryan

February 9, 2016 LPC Meeting

​(2016 Sessions & Future Venue)

Cover it with Prayer!

​Pray for our Nation.
Pray for the Supreme Court Justices.
Pray for our Troops
​serving overseas and at
Pray for our Senators and Representatives in
Pray for our President.
Pray for your local City,
Parish and School Board
Pray for our Police and
​Fire employees.
Pray for our Pastors.

Keeping Liberty Brewing and Freedom HOT!

Presidential Primary Elections

  (March 5)

If you are interested in helping out with Louisiana Power Coalition's goal of holding our elected representatives accountable in the legislature each year with active participation in the legislative process and having a lobbyist sent to Baton Rouge to represent constitutional conservatives on the important issues of our time, please email us at wethepeople_nwla@att.net, or come to our monhtly meeting, and speak with one of the members of the We The People leadership team.

We are planning a 2nd February meeting, probably for the 16th or the 23rd, at our new venue or at a temporary location while we finalize arrangements for the new venue.  J. W. Bryan will be presenting the current status of the TPP - Trans-Pacific Partnership and explaining the National Security implications if it succeeds in passing congress without any serious opposition as has been the Republican Party's habit for most of the Obama Administration.  It is a time sensitive issue, which is why we are scheduling another meeting for February rather than waiting until March.  Stay tune for more information as soon as we have it.

It's that time again!  The only closed elections in Louisiana are right around the corner.  Only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican Presidential Primary election, and the same goes for the Democrat Presidential Primary.  We hope you've been watching at least a few of the presidential debates and giving a lot of thought to who you will support in the primary.  More info to come.

We The People of NW Louisiana are a proud member organization in the

Our next meeting on Tuesday, February will be held one more time at the Media Star building - 1258 Dalzell St., Shreveport.  We'll be discussing the upcoming legislative sessions and our future activity in it through LPC, as well as discussing our future venue options, several of which would necessitate a change in our regular meeting day each month.  We've very much like it if all of our regulars could make it so that we can make the best choice for a new meeting day that doesn't clash with other conservative organizations you may also be involved with.

The meeting will begin at 6:00 PM.

Thanks for visiting!

If you have questions or want to volunteer, please send an 
email to wethepeople_nwla@att.net

2016 Legislative Session

  (March 14 through June 6)